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Monitoring the radiation exposure of people who work in hospitals, research institutions, and factories handling radioactive materials is extremely important in preventing health hazards and promoting the safe use of radiation.

Our Company, Nagase-Landauer, Ltd., was formed to provide personal monitoring (known as dosimetry services) under a joint venture with the world's largest dosimetry service company, Landauer, Inc. of the USA and the Japanese trading company, Nagase & Co., Ltd., back in 1974.

In the beginning, we provided Film Badges that recorded radiation exposure onto films, but in 2000, Landauer developed Optically Stimulated luminesscence (OSL) technology, which provided accurate and easy to use features.

We began providing a dosimetry service with the Luxel Badge, a personalized dosimeter,based on this new OSL technology.
In the belief that providing a superb dosimetry service, based on the OSL technology, will benefit our customers,we have been working continuously toward providing products that offer the best performance,and also toward providing the best customer service and support.

As a result, OSL technology dosimeters are now used by approximately 1.8 million people worldwide (which is more than one-third of all workers who are monitored for radiation exposure).
OSL technology dosimeters have established a track record as the global standard in dosimetry service.

Furthermore, in September 2009, we constructed our Head Office Building and factory at Tsukuba to coincide with the introduction of our new QuIxel Badge Service.

With a steady supply of secure products, manufactured under stringent quality control,we have been able to carry out the global deployment of our services to the rapidly growing ASEAN population.

With the aim of improving the quality of this key service, which can be said to be the lifeline of people who work in radioactive environments, we wish to be a company that is continually able to provide better service, with constant improvements in customer satisfaction.

Management Principles and Policies

  1. Acknowledge that shareholders, customers, and employees are equally important elements that constitute the company.
  2. Comply with laws and regulations.
  3. The business domain is the radioactive-related field.
  4. The business area is Asia, with Japan in the center.

Basic Policy on Quality

  1. Be fully customer oriented.
  2. Define the quality required by the regulations and customers.
  3. Provide products and services with consistently high quality.

Nagase-Landauer, Ltd.